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Best Laptops for Engineering Students

Engineering students need laptops that are capable of running all different software. The software will depend on the field of study. Electrical, civil, mechanical, software, chemical, aerospace, and aeronautical engineers use different software.

All engineers should have laptops with a RAM of 8GB to prevent the lag situation with any software. 3D/2D engineers should have laptops with an Intel Core i5/AMS Ryzen 5 chips and above. The following list will give you an insight on the best laptops for engineering students:

Dell XPS 13 9360

This laptop is suitable for electrical, computer, software, civil, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering students. It is considered the best windows premium ultra-books. It has a core of 13 processors with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. The setup is up to core i7 ITB SSD 16GB RAM.

The laptop is good if you are running 3D CAD/CAE software. The main advantage of this laptop is its thinness, portability, form factor, and battery life. It has a touchscreen display and a fingerprint reader. The battery life is approximately 10 hours which is great for students especially when working on an engineering project.

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Surface Book 3

The performance is more powerful than the surface pro but the design is the same. It is useful for civil, mechanical, electrical, computer, and chemical engineering students. The laptop can support a CPU up to 5 GHz which is the highest clock speed of all laptops. It can handle 99% of 3D engineering projects. It comes in two different display sizes 13 and 15.

The resolution is high compared to MacBook Pro (3000*2000) retina resolution. The battery life is approximately 6-8 hours. It can be attached to a docking station that means you can attach an external display such as a mouse, keyboard, etc. The RAM size can go from 16GB-32GB.

Surface Pro 7

This is the best portable laptop for engineering. It comes in core m3, core i5, and Core i7. Surface Pro 7 can run close to 99% of all the engineering software. The processor can range from 4GB-16GB and 1TB SSD. This laptop is great because of its form factor and battery life.

It allows uses to work around everywhere and anytime.
The 2-1 tablet mode can replace the use of notebooks, pens, textbooks, erasers for your school supplies. The Surface Pro can run 3D models in CAD software with an FPS using viewport. It is suitable for electrical, computer, chemical, civil, aerospace, software, and aeronautical engineering students and engineers.

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Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro is great for mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, software, and computer engineering students and engineers. Every MacBook supports Windows 10 and you can switch between OXS and Windows 10. For a 2D engineer, any MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM is good, a 3D engineer, a 13” MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM is recommended. Many love this laptop because of its rock-solid bullet proud design.

The charger has a magnet-like port that can is easily unplugged. The battery life is 10 hours plus at least. It is portable (3lb) and has the best touchpad and keyboards on the market. For any software that is not compatible you can use Windows or Parallels. Macs are good if you are more of a programmer than a 2D/3D designer. The 15-16 models with a dGPU are preferred if you want to run bigger models. The resolution can range from 13-16 retina.…

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Tips for Choosing the Right Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network is a tool that enables you anonymity and privacy. It guarantees your security by creating a virtualized network between two different networks. If you spend most of your time online, it is advisable to research and find an ideal vpn provider that is perfect for you. Note that there are various VPNs available, and without the recommended options, it will be hard to make the right choice. When you are choosing a virtual private network, here are the factors to consider.

Determine Your VPN Needs

vpn for mobileWhen you are looking for a virtual private network provider, you should start this process by identifying your needs. Ideally, every user will come with different VPN needs, and you need to choose the perfect tool that will suit your needs. On the other hand, before making your decision, you will notice that most of these virtual private network tools you will get come with different features that enable them to perform specific functions. By identifying your needs, it will be easy to choose an appropriate VPN.

Consider their Compatibility

When searching for the best virtual private network, ensure you take your time to consider their compatibility. In other words, you need to check and see the devices that are compatible with the virtual private network you intend to choose. In a situation where you have a Windows computer, but you use an iPhone, you should ensure that you choose the perfect VPN with the right platform and application for both. Also, take your time to find out how many devices you can connect at once.

Consider the Speed

vpnAnother vital factor you need to consider in this selection is the speed of the virtual private network you are about to choose. In other words, you need to understand that a fast VPN service can enhance your experience. On the other hand, if the connection is slow, you are not going to enjoy all the activities and services you will get. Therefore, ensure you determine the speed you need to make the recommended choice.

Choose a User-Friendly Interface

It is vital to understand that the user-interface and the setup on different VPNs are not the same. In a situation where you are not a tech-savvy, you may find it challenging to use various virtual private network tools. That is why when you are making your decision you need to take your time and ensure that you find one that provides simple procedures with a user-friendly platform. In doing this, you will not find trouble when working on your online projects.…

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electric scooter

Advantages of an Electric Scooter

The use of electric scooters is one of the modern modes of transport that has become popular in large cities. They are now used as an alternative mode of transport. Most people use them in running their day to day errands. They come in different designs, colors, and sizes. Here are some benefits of using Electric Scooters:

white and red scooterHelps with Mobility

It provides mobility for people with health problems. An electric scooter saves the user from peddling and hence can be used by people with disabilities. In New Zealand, they are highly preferred over bikes. Electric scooters have health benefits as they make the body more active.

Improves Balance

Balancing your body on a scooter becomes easier without putting so much effort. Even with little speed, your body will be able to balance on its own. This is a great help for generally clumsy people. Body balance is also important when moving or standing and will prevent minor accidents.

Saves Time

When you are in areas that have a lot of traffic, an electric scooter might be a lifesaver. A scooter will have access to any place you want to reach while taking shortcuts. It will help you save time spent on parking lots and traffic. All you need to do is ensure that it is well charged for your trip.

Good for Environment

Electric scooters have been listed as the best Eco-friendly mode of transport compared to vehicles and trains. They do not cause any emissions or noise, and they use a low quantity of electricity.

Electric scooters will make your journey as silent as possible without waking your neighbors or when commuting around the city. Buses, motorcycles, cars, and trains cause noise pollution.

Easy to Carry

An electric scooter can easily be folded after use and placed in a small space until you need to use it again. This makes it safe, and it will give more peace of mind knowing it cannot be stolen. You do not have to worry about parking space or paying for parking.

They are light and can be lifted to fit in the trunk of your vehicle. Electric scooters can be carried wherever you want and be used in little spaces. You can ride an electric scooter to the bus stop, fold it when you enter the bus until you reach your destination.

man on scooter

Easy To Use and Maintain

Most electric scooters are made of aluminum or steel, which makes them durable. The structure is simple even for kids to use. All you need to do is maintain the brakes, the deck, and handlebars.

The pneumatic front tires minimize the chances of getting a flat tire. Cleaning is also easy because they are usually small in size. Learning to ride an electric scooter is not as complicated as riding a bike.…

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