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Dirt bikes are lightweight bikes used for traveling in rough conditions such as bumpy, uneven and rutted roads. Large potholes and steep slopes also should not prevent the bike from moving. These bikes must have significant endurance under these harsh conditions. They are equipped with parts that can cope with these riding conditions. Electric dirt bikes have numerous advantages such as zero emission, lower maintenance, and running costs over regular bikes.

However, selecting the best electric dirt bike for both adults and kids can be very difficult if you do not know what to look for. Electric-Biking’s Razor Dirt Bike Review will help you understand what to expect as far as these bikes are concerned. There are various features that you need to look for to ensure you have made the correct choice.

Electric Motor

The heart of any electric equipment is the electric motor. The motors used to power these bikes come in various solutions and configurations. In these bikes, the combustion engine is replaced by an electric motor and the power generated is transferred to the rear wheel through the chain.

Some of the bikes use dual hub motors while others use a single hub motor in the rear wheel. This configuration is, however, ideal for smaller entry level bikes for kids.dirt bike


Batteries for electric vehicles are changing and evolving constantly. There is a significant development to make them smaller, lighter, and with longer ranges. The market, however, seems slow on picking up the latest technology. Most of these bikes, especially for children, come with the old-school SLA batteries. Bikes for adults, on the other hand, use Lithium-Ion batteries which last longer and generate more power. But, you will need specialized software to manage these batteries.

Matching Seat Height

person on dirt bike

It is difficult to tell what seat height will match your actual height. This is because some people have longer legs, while others have taller upper bodies. The best way to get the right seat height is by estimating the height of the seat that will fit your height. This will give you an approximation of the right size of electric dirt bike that you can ride. The only sure way to tell if an electric dirt bike will fit you is by sitting on the bike and trying it out.

Bike Frame

Frames of electric dirt bikes need to be lightweight since they are meant to be for mobility and jumping. They also need to be strong enough to withstand the jumps and bumps as well. The strongest frames are those made of steel, but they are rigid and heavy. Aluminum is lighter, and most of these bikes come with aluminum frames.

If you intend to buy an electric dirt bike, you need to take your time to research on the best bikes in the market. The dirt bike you choose has to be strong enough, so ensure you weigh the options and go for the best dirt bike that is within your budget. Remember also that besides purchasing the bike you also need to get the right safety gear for use when riding your bike.