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The Best Gadgets to Record Live Live Music Performance

Attending to a music performance of our favorite band/musician is memorable to us. And it is common for us, as a fan, to record the memory and situation with a recording device. But not all devices can offer the best result when it comes to a live music performance. Learn the appropriate gadgets below.

Zoom H4N

The Screen of ZoomZoom ranks first in the list portable devices. It is handy and light enough to hold and can record up to 32 GB files in both WAV and MP3 formats. And unlike its predecessors, Zoom HN4 has been equipped with a screen to make the navigation between menus easier.

H4N will give you the best result of recorded live audio. Its mics can be arranged by forming either a 90-degree or 120-degree angle to control the dimension of the sound. The wider the angle of the mics is, the roomier the sound will get. This feature is very useful when you want to record an indoor live performance of a musician or bands that play detail arrangement, such as roger waters the wall 2012. His performance of Pink Floyd’s The Wall album in what is now the Spectre stadium was intricate enough for any rock-progressive-rock enthusiasts. But Zoom H4N will not give you disappointing results and will always be countable in such a situation.


Example of Portable Recording DeviceThe second portable device that you can rely on is the TASCAM DR-40. It offers multi-track capacity and has a jack-to-jack port to connect with audio input sources, such as Shure mic. It provides flexibility for the situation. Should you want to capture a specific frequency in the concert hall, you can adjust the TASCAM DR-40 with the proper mic.

This device allows you to set the equalizer of the sound by adjusting the reverb and level alignment. It makes the device can accommodate sensitive ears and various music genres. Jazz might not need level adjustment, while rock music needs it.


iPhone DeviceThe two devices above are great on their own, but the iPhone still outranks them. With an iPhone, you do not need to have a separate device to record the live performance of your favorite band. The default setting allows you take an audio file from the voice recording app. But if you want to go professional, paid apps like iTalk Recorder Premium and Studio Mini is more than enough.

If you own the 64 GB or 128GB iPhone, the storage issue will be no longer a problem for you, unlike the recording devices that mostly can handle up to 32 GB only. iPhone also allows you to take video with the same great quality of audio. The sound will not crack and rattle, even when you get close to a loud sound source. Until now, no other smartphones can beat such a quality of iPhone.…

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Cellphone OS, Android or iOS?

For years the battle between the two of the most famous cellphone operating system has been going on, which is Android versus iOS. With iOS being used in the most well-known brand of smartphone, apple, and Android being used in other brands such as Samsung, LG, and many more. You might be wondering what’s the big difference between Android and iOS, but do not worry. In this article we have listed several quick summaries of the difference between iOS and Android, make sure to read this article to find out more about it.

iosUsing an iOS is simple yet limited

The first impression that you get from using an iPhone or an iPad is that their operating system is straightforward and elegant. The only drawback from using an iOS as your operating system is that it is constrained, you can’t install foreign APK on your phone, and you can’t use emulators on your phone, this can be remedied by using a ‘jailbreak’ which allows you to modify your iOS, but doing this might destroy the warranty of your phone, so think again in case you want to do a ‘jailbreak.’

osUsing an Android is cluttered but customizable

For some people, they do not like Android as it has an app drawer, which is usually cluttered with apps and bloatware, but do not worry, the perks of using an Android is that it is customizable to your liking. You can install different APK and even install emulators on your phone. Perhaps you miss playing Playstation one games, and now you can play it on your phone!

Exclusive apps for iOS

Owning an iOS has its perks, which they have their own apps such as iMessage, which is a unique messaging app only usable between iOS user. This ‘exclusive’ apps is another reason why people prefer to use iOS compared to using an Android. Not just messaging apps, iOS also have many different version of their apps, such as apple store, apple maps, Siri and many more. This is another reason why the iOS could be the perfect operating system for you instead.

Better price for Android

Although the iOS has a lot of apps of their own, Android has a better price value; they are usually more affordable than buying an iPhone or an iPad. The lack of customizability and price might make some people opt for the Android instead, and not to mention with the case of an older version of an iPhone being slowed down on purpose, Android might be the one for you instead.

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