Drones are getting more and more popular these days. Drones are categorized as aerial devices which must be subject to air and flight regulations. There are a lot of drones that currently available in the market. If you are thinking to own one, here we have round up ultimate tips on buying your first drone.

Choosing The Type

When you look into the choices of drones available at the market, you will find there are three big categories of drones’ types. There are Ready-To-Fly drones, Bind-And-Fly drones, and Almost-Ready-To-Fly drones. Those types are usually referred to in acronyms, which are RTF drones, BNF drones, and ARF drones. Familiarizing yourself with those acronyms will help in choosing the right drone for you. RTF drones are supposed to be the simplest type of drones; often you will only need to install the propeller to the body before flying. BNF drones are also quite simple, as they usually come completely assembled only without a controller. Therefore you need to install software on your mobile device or buy a separate controller. ARF drones are generally for the experts because it is like buying a drone kit where you first need to assemble the components, and you may need to purchase a separate element to complete the drones.

Registering The Drone

As we have mentioned above that drones are subject to flight regulations, the first thing you need to do before flying a drone is to register your drone. By registering your drone, you will receive a drone’s identification number which must be displayed on your drone at all times.
Also, there are a few points you need to pay attention before starting to fly your drone. Watch for a no-fly zone that is determined by the government, like airports and government’s buildings. Make sure you can see your drone at all times.

Look For Added Features

droneSure in buying something, you need to find what is fit within your budget. But in case of buying tech items sometimes the cheapest is not always the right one to buy. As in buying a drone, we are suggesting to look for added features in the drone, such as attached sensors and flight controller functionality. Those added features will help you in flying and controlling the drones, especially if you are a beginner. The less complicated drone will need more input from the flyer to be able to fly right. With a few added features, a drone can be able to almost fly by itself, making it more secure and easier to handle.