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Using Different Image File Formats

Technology innovations are getting extensive and target almost every industry and their departments. In the media sector, the photography section has multiple modifications that help professionals get the most out of their work. Pictures are available in various sizes and formats, with each having unique attributes. The difference in traits is part of the reason you may have to convert one format to another. For instance, if you have a PNG file and want to print brochures, you will need to convert png to PDF. To better understand why image format conversion is necessary, here’s more information on various image file formats.

File Formats

The varying formats used for photos are for specific tasks. The famous image formats include PNG and JPG. PDF files are also used but belong to a different group. Below is a breakdown of these file formats and their attributes.


JPG or JPEG files are the same things. The Joint Photographics Experts Group is responsible for developing this picture format hence the abbreviation JPEG. JPEG has not been used often in the past because file types had a limit of three characters. This image type minimizes the size of RAW pictures taken by photographers, making them fit for sharing. The majority of the images on many websites are likely in JPEG or JPG formats.
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The main reason people use JPEG photos due to their smaller file sizes. Nonetheless, the size of the image leads to a loss in image quality. The algorithm for minimizing the picture sizes blocks, pixel value, and colors together into smaller tiles, meaning some data from the image gets lost permanently.


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. From the name itself, it’s easy to tell that this file format is designed for graphics. Additionally, you can keep photos in PNG format if you want to maintain their quality. Since PNG files aren’t intended to lower the content size, they retain more details and information in the image.
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From the brief explanation above, it’s evident that PNG files do not lose or destroy picture quality. However, due to lossless image quality, the files are large. Unless you have unlimited data dealing with PNG files will take a toll on your internet use.


Portable Document Format (PDF) is the industry standard for document or report sharing since it creates a replica of files, including images. This format is useful for sending emails and keeping screenshots and pictures combined with text files.
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PDF files are excellent for data distribution and ensure that your image, document, photo, or graph will display accurately across devices without any alterations.…

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