Earbuds Buying Guide

Everybody wants to get a great pair of earbuds a great pair of earbuds at the best price. Therefore, what should you look for to find a great pair that can last and will not break your bank? The following are some of the things that you need to look for when searching for earbuds.


phone and earbud

Whatever you intend to use the earbuds for will determine a lot the kind of earbuds you choose. For casual listeningĀ or audiobook listening then you should not spend a lot of money getting a fantastic pair. Go for a cheap pair that is comfortable. You can go for the best earbuds under 50. If you, however, intend to use them for running or as your primary sound source then a more expensive type will be appropriate.

What it is Made of

You should take extra time looking at the package you intend to purchase and see the material that it is made of. All-metal earbuds are perfect as they are more durable than their plastic counterparts so choose the metal earbuds rather than the plastic ones.

Strain relief

One way of ruining your earbuds is when the cord is ripped out of its housing. It is thus vital to check out for strain relief where the wires go into the earbud. Strain relief is a piece of rubber which is thick and helps to protect the cord from getting pulled out of the housing and shorting out.

Proper Fit

lady with earbudsThe main complaint with earbuds is that most people say they fall out of the ears. It is hard to determine if the earbuds will properly fit your ears before buying them. The reason for falling out is because they do not size up to fit the ears. It is not because they have these people have freakishly small ears of big ears but the earbuds do not have the right size tip to fit their ears. Ensure you check the package to see that you have different size tips to avoid this problem.

Earbud Accessories

Ensure you purchase a pair of earbuds that come with all the things you need. Accessories to look for are like carrying case, extra tips, cable wrap, skype adaptor and extension cable. You may not get all these with each pair of earbuds, but the more you get, the better for you.

These are vital features that you should look for when buying a pair of earbuds. You will also look at the looks as well as the frequency response of the pair of earbuds you intend to purchase…

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