Cellphone OS, Android or iOS?

For years the battle between the two of the most famous cellphone operating system has been going on, which is Android versus iOS. With iOS being used in the most well-known brand of smartphone, apple, and Android being used in other brands such as Samsung, LG, and many more. You might be wondering what’s the big difference between Android and iOS, but do not worry. In this article we have listed several quick summaries of the difference between iOS and Android, make sure to read this article to find out more about it.

iosUsing an iOS is simple yet limited

The first impression that you get from using an iPhone or an iPad is that their operating system is straightforward and elegant. The only drawback from using an iOS as your operating system is that it is constrained, you can’t install foreign APK on your phone, and you can’t use emulators on your phone, this can be remedied by using a ‘jailbreak’ which allows you to modify your iOS, but doing this might destroy the warranty of your phone, so think again in case you want to do a ‘jailbreak.’

osUsing an Android is cluttered but customizable

For some people, they do not like Android as it has an app drawer, which is usually cluttered with apps and bloatware, but do not worry, the perks of using an Android is that it is customizable to your liking. You can install different APK and even install emulators on your phone. Perhaps you miss playing Playstation one games, and now you can play it on your phone!

Exclusive apps for iOS

Owning an iOS has its perks, which they have their own apps such as iMessage, which is a unique messaging app only usable between iOS user. This ‘exclusive’ apps is another reason why people prefer to use iOS compared to using an Android. Not just messaging apps, iOS also have many different version of their apps, such as apple store, apple maps, Siri and many more. This is another reason why the iOS could be the perfect operating system for you instead.

Better price for Android

Although the iOS has a lot of apps of their own, Android has a better price value; they are usually more affordable than buying an iPhone or an iPad. The lack of customizability and price might make some people opt for the Android instead, and not to mention with the case of an older version of an iPhone being slowed down on purpose, Android might be the one for you instead.

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Starting an Online Business

For some people, they are content living the 9 to 5 lifestyle, and the occasional bonus checks every half a year, but for some, they do not settle down for the dull working routine. For some, they prefer a business but yet not having to open up a store or even bothering to get a franchise, hence why they’re opening an online business. You might be thinking that if it’s worth it or not to open up an online business. But worry no further, in this article we have listed several reasons on why you should open an online business, make sure to read this article to find out more about it.


The first reason why opening an online business is great is because of it’s portability, all you need is a laptop and an internet, and you can work anywhere and at any time that you want. Besides bringing your work with you, you can also schedule your work time to your liking, so no more problems anymore for you night owls.

Tip: make sure to bring a power bank, in case your phone ran out of battery quite fast, which will save you from angry clients or miss any urgent calls.

cashIt doesn’t cost much

Opening a traditional business might cost you more money than you thought, such as rent, gas, electricity and many bills to pay, but that’s not the case if you open it online. Besides the legal documents, an online business does not cost as much as traditional business, so consider opening an online business instead of a regular one.

scheduleFlexible schedules

As we’ve written before, another reason for opening an online business is the flexible schedules. Since you can work anywhere and at any time, you can even take your work with you when you’re going on a vacation or somewhere for a visit or a trip. Make sure that even though you’re going somewhere, you’re still finishing all the stuff or work that you have to do.

Unlimited income

Another reason why you should open an online business is that an online business has the highest income potential, compared to working in an office which already has a fixed salary for you. Your business is based on your sales and ads revenue from the clicks from the audience on your site.

Tip: consider using an SEO services to increase traffic to your site, which will lead to more audience.…

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